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Peter Boughton currently has 6 project(s) at RIAForge. These projects have been downloaded 9,782 time(s) and have been viewed 215,578 time(s).

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Last Updated: 6/1/12
Downloads: 0
Views: 9,837
Provides a complete set of regex functionality for CFML.

Chinook ADS
Last Updated: 2/2/08
Downloads: 0
Views: 22,834
Simple and powerful remote deployment for web applications.

Java RegEx Utilities [deprecated]
Last Updated: 1/10/13
Downloads: 1,787
Views: 44,444
- no longer active -

PFCT - Peter's Form Custom Tags
Last Updated: 3/26/07
Downloads: 0
Views: 47,375
Easy to use, fully accessible forms

QueryParam Scanner
Last Updated: 1/10/13
Downloads: 7,995
Views: 74,715
Scans directories and reports all files/queries containing variables not in queryparams.

Website Cartographer
Last Updated: 7/17/08
Downloads: 0
Views: 16,373
Website Cartographer maps out websites and allows easy creation of useful sitemaps.